Valerian Fairie with Bottle

Click for larger viewThis fairies’ wing is patterned after the leaf of the valerian plant. Valerian is a very calming and soothing herb to the central nervous system. She tiptoes and whispers her way through the garden, serving as a symbol and a reminder for taking the time out to do the things that you love. As she walks her path the way is lit by light of the glass vase attached to the base of her feet. The light reminds her to take time out for herself, a bath, and a massage, to sit in the sun. It helps her to stay grounded amongst the fast-pace of our over-stimulated culture. Semi-precious stones are strung around the Valerian Fairies waist and around the lip of the bottle.

Garden staked candleholder fairie with bottle.

Order # VFB-3
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