Gingko Fisher Fairie with magic bottle

Click for larger viewThe wing on the gingko fairie is patterned after a gingko leaf. This majestic and playful Gingko fisher fairie is the keeper of all that is sacred and close to the heart. He is known to have the power of memory with him at all times. He forgets nothing and does all that he can to keep the magic memory bottle at the end of his fishing pole away from harm. In his hand-blown glass bottle, treasures like essential oils, flowers, dandelion wishes, beads, and stones are meant to be placed. Shades of amber, blue, copper luster, and burgundy red are all tastefully blown into each bottle. This Gingko fisher fairie wears strands of semi-precious stones around his waist and ankle.

Garden stake candle holder.

size 9in by 11in