Gingko Couple Fairies with Glass Vase. Plant Stake.

Click for larger view These fairies’ wings are patterned after the heart-shaped leaves of the Gingko Biloba tree. Gingko is a memory herb, and one of the oldest trees on the planet. The Gingko couple, connected at the head, heart and toes, serves as a symbol of the memories built together. The “wee fairy flask” attached to the base of the sculpture is intended to hold flowers or essential oils. A love note, poem, or affirmation written on a leaf from a tree or a small piece of parchment paper can be rolled up a placed in this tiny treasure bottle. Humming birds have been known to drink from these tiny glass vases. They also serve as wonderful vessels for collecting dew or rainwater. Semi-precious stones are strung around the waist of the fairie on the left as well as around the glass bottle.

Garden staked candleholder fairies with glass vase.

Order # GK-SGB5
4.5 in by 5 in